About us

SGM Plastics EOOD is a Bulgarian company - established on year 2015. The Italian company Sampaolo Stampi S.r.l. is the only one owner of SGM Plastics EOOD. Our production plant is situated in north-east part of Bulgaria – in Tutrakan town. And our working space is larger than 2500 square meters.

The main subject of activity of SGM Plastics EOOD is “Production of thermoplastic details for the industry – by injection method”. At the moment we have 11 different plastic-injection machines. The smallest one is 30T; the bigger one is 380T. One of our machines is B-component injection machine, ENGEL 125Т. A lot of our machines are equipped with robots – allowing fast production cycle. In this department we work continuously – 24 hours per day. Daily we use many different thermoplastic materials like ABS, PC, PA6, PA6.6, PP, POM, PC/ABS, TPV, TPE, ASA, PBT, PMMA, SAN. All of them are delivered only from approved Italian suppliers - Novalca, Lati, Plastinord, MAIP, Sirmax, Colortech, Co.Ma.Pla., Taroplast, Mito Polimeri, Clever Chem, others.

In addition to our main injection area, we have another three independent production units: two of them are specialized in Assembling, one – in Tampon-printing. In our printing house nowadays, we have 5 machines. In one of the Assembling departments we have a unique Ultrasonic welding machine – BRANSON. Our main clients are: FAAC Groupe (FAAC Bulgaria, FAAC Spa – Bologna/Italy, FAAC Electronics – Ireland, Magnetic Autocontrol – Germany), Honeywell, SAMPAOLO STAMPI S.r.l. Presently we have more than 60 employees. SGM Plastics is certified according to the requirements of Quality management system ISO9001:2015 and systems for protection of the environment ISO14001:2015. We have a system for 24 hours on-line tracking of the production process – DASHBOARD.


We have a daughter transport company - “SGM Transport and Logistics” EOOD, which makes weekly routes in the directions of Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary – Slovenia – Italy.


Established in 1994, SAMPAOLO STAMPI S.R.L. is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of moulds, in the injection moulding of precision technical plastic items used in various fileds and in assembling them.

  • moulds for injection one-, two- and three- material components
  • multi-cavities moulds at total injection
  • moulds for thin-sided items
  • moulds for threaded items
  • thermosed injection moulds (BMC)


SAMPAOLO STAMPI S.R.L. tooling manufacturing shop is mainly constituted by processing centres (CNC) at very high speed 3-5 axis in continuous and by wire/spark erosion machines, milling machines, drills and grindings.


Sampaolo Stampi S.R.L.moulding department is formed by 48 injection presses. The ton range is from 6 up tp 480 tons machines. Most of them are equipped with manipulators and robots for the automatic catching of the plastic item or for automatic inserting of metal components.


SAMPAOLO STAMPI SRL has been equipped by an internal department for assembling activities of final products or assembling of plastic components on customer’s request.

  • serigraphy, pad printing e polycromatic painting
  • writing with laser machine
  • hot-stamping
  • ultrasonic welding